Unfortunately, online fraud and scams are common. Intermex is dedicated to helping you understand the risks and identifying potential scams. Send money only to people you know, you may receive emails from a friend or family member asking you to send money out of the country to help them in an emergency situation. They may claim to need bail money to get out of jail or claim that they lost their wallet and need help for a hotel bill or an airline ticket. Do not send them money unless you speak to them on the phone first. Verify that it is in fact a family or friend, make sure you’re 100% certain that it was your relative and that the request is legitimate. The person asking you for money is most likely not really your friend or relative.

Below is a list of common scams along with ways to protect yourself from them.

If you suspect that you or someone you know may be a victim of Financial Abuse, call Intermex Compliance Department at 1‐800‐792‐8017  

Security Tips